COVID-19 and People

I do not understand people sometimes. I often try to help people to see the logic of things. I am all for opening up the country; however it needs to be done smart. People think because I will not visit businesses or go to restaurants that I am “scared” or that I am a “sheep” Covid-19 is far from over and we will have a second waive. People think that they are impervious to this disease and continue not to take this virus seriously. They are not practicing social distancing or wearing masks. They believe the numbers are hyped up and that it only “effects” a certain population. When you try to reason with them they attack you personally. I do not take it personally and I will continue to be vocal. I will not be shut up by ignorance nor will I just take the abuse. Money over human life is pathetic. We need to have enough testing supplies, PPE and other protocols in place to handle a second waive. Once we have this then there can be a phased approach to opening up the states as many states are doing it. Janet Mills in Maine is being attacked for this because they are inconvenienced. Cannot go to restaurants, camp etc. etc. Businesses are angry because they cannot make money and that they are closed. There are ways that businesses could have stayed open under the pandemic by shifting the way they do business but instead they complained that they are “losing” money and not able to survive. It is just an excuse and I will not tolerate any business that puts health over the safety of people. They will not be able to make money if their patrons and employees become sick. Repopening too soon will require another shutdown which will cripple the economy even more. I know this is a bit of a rant but I cannot help it.

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