Hello all and welcome to my site. This site is devoted to everything that is important to me from my wife to my cats. I am a social worker and I work for the Office of Aging and Disability Services. I am a Developmental Services Crisis Case Manager. I have been working for the State of Maine now for 4 years and I work with individuals with Intellectual disabilites and Autism.

I currently live in Pittsfield Maine with my wife and 4 cats. My wife is my world and very important to me. Erica has a compromised immune system due to multiple autoimmune disorders which require her to take immunosuppressants. We have to travel outside of the State of Maine for healthcare because the doctors in Maine have no clue how to help her. In Maine if you do not fit into a cookie cutter they cannot diagnose you or treat your illnesses. Doctors in Maine have treated my wife like she is crazy but she is not. She is the love of my life and I will protect and defend her.

I have 4 cats, Sparkels (21 years old) , Katie (10 years old), Sam (8 years old) and Annabelle (8 years old). I adore cats and if I could afford a farm full of cats I would but 4 cats is enough due to the costs associated with feeding and medical care. I hope you enjoy my collage of Cats 🙂