Greeting’s everyone, my name is Robert and I currently reside in Maine. This is my beautiful wife Erica, who also loves and appreciates cats. I am a social worker and work with indivdiuals with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. I really appreciate views of alls and welcome intellectual conversations regarding your opinions and beliefs. Remember everyone’s beliefs are valid regardless if we disagree or not. I respect others and expect the same. This site is dedicated to my my wife, friends, family and also my cat babies. A place for me to get away from facebook and actually post my views. Although ….. I do need to be a bit careful….. Remember these are my views and not the views of my place of work. If you take offense to my views and plan to spread hate instead of productive dialog please use your personal rights to just ignore my page. I have owned this domain for years and I have offered a wide range of services. I plan to host services for my friends along with blogging personal life and beliefs. I plan on showing plenty of pictures of my cat babies and also show off my beautiful wife. I plan to bring you into my world and journey into Reiki and to healing. Life is too short to not learn. I